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European Social Model

The situation

The European social model provides a real safety net for all EU citizens. Today, however, basic social rights are threatened by a lack of common action.

There are reasons for this:

  • Lack of European dimension:
    For too long Europe has been seen as a simple market. However, economic integration cannot be achieved without social integration, otherwise an unhealthy competition between the peoples of Europe will be created..
  • Imbalance of standards:
    By accepting on European territory products from regions of the world that do not respect any of the standards to which our own producers are subject, we provoke an understandable feeling of revolt and rejection among our fellow citizens.

Our proposals

The European Union must consolidate a common social protection floor based on the highest standards of each Member State.

  • A fiscal and social convergence treaty:
    Indispensable for putting an end to excessive distortions within the European Union, this new stage of harmonization will concern in particular the basis and effective rates of corporate taxes and the amounts of social contributions. It must then lead to the establishment of a European minimum income, fair working conditions, fair labour regulations and social legislation (in terms of health, safety, equal opportunities, working hours, vacations, etc.) and adequate remuneration
  • A Europe of solidarity :
    Youth employment is a major priority. This is part of the intergenerational contract, improving their personal conditions while contributing to the financing of social expenses.
  • Regional solidarity :
    Structural fund policies must be pursued to enable the growth of disadvantaged territories, while ensuring that these subsidies are used efficiently and effectively.
  • Reciprocity of social and environmental clauses in our commercial exchanges :
    Reciprocity is the cornerstone of our trade agreements and must protect our producers from distorted competition while providing foreign producers with better working conditions and remuneration.

Our commitments

Every day the PDE defends its ideas through various actions and makes its positions known. For example:

  • In the European Parliament : 
    Marie-Pierre Vedrenne and Sylvie Brunet, MEPs members of the EDL, defend our ideas in the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs.
  • In our manifesto : 
    We have been advocating these proposals for several years. They were already at the heart of our first program in 2004.
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