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Industry and growth

The situation

Against the backdrop of the continuing economic crisis, Europe has seen its industry lose ground, with production down by 10% and three million jobs lost, while its partners or competitors have grown. Europeans 

There are reasons for this:

  • Lack of a European dimension:
    The absence of a genuine common industrial policy is at the root of Europe’s deindustrialisation. It will not be able to recover if Member States continue to apply 28 different industrial policies.
  • Lack of great champions:
    For lack of an assumed and coordinated economic policy, “competition” has become the alpha and omega of EU policy. These principles prevent the constitution of large groups capable of a global dimension.

Our proposals

Europe has no choice but to pursue two objectives with the same ambition: to decide on a proactive industrial policy and to promote the research and innovation economy:

  • An industrial policy that promotes growth and employment:
    Industrial policy must become a shared competence between the Union and the Member States in order to identify and coordinate efforts in innovative and promising sectors.
  • Intelligent competition:
    In the service of growth, competition must encourage and not hinder the creation of large European groups capable of imposing themselves in the global economy, particularly in the green and digital economy sectors.
  • A European Small Business Act:
    Investment is the engine of growth. Establishing specific rules for small businesses to promote their preferential access to credit and public procurement to facilitate investment is a simple and effective way to achieve this.
  • An ambitious policy to support innovation:
    Financed in particular by “project bonds”, large-scale programmes must be created around enhanced cooperation between the major European research centres and the industrial champions who have world-class historical know-how.

Our commitments

Every day the PDE defends its ideas through various actions and makes its positions known. For example:

  • In the European Parliament : 
    Izaskun Bilbao Barandica, Nicola Danti et Christophe Grudler défendent nos idées au sein la commission de l’Industrie, de la Recherche et de l’Energie.
  • Dans notre manifeste : 
    Nous défendons ces propositions depuis plusieurs années. Elles étaient déjà au cœur notre premier programme en 2004.

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