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On the occasion of the 4th edition of the Siena Conference on the Future of Europe, organised by Vision Think Tank in collaboration with the University of Siena and the European University Institute, EURACTIV Italia interviewed Sandro Gozi, MEP of Renew Europe, Secretary General of the European Democratic Party, President of the European Union of Federalists, coordinator of the Spinelli Group, which gathers the most federalist MEPs, former Undersecretary for European Policies.

Sandro Gozi, the Secretary General of the EDP, discusses in the interview with Euractiv Italia several topics related to the future of the European Union. These include pressing issues such as the geopolitical need to expand the EU by incorporating Ukraine, the necessity of EU reforms, the creation of a strong European defence framework and the evolving political role of Renew Europe.

Gozi believes that the decision to give the status of candidate to Ukraine changes the nature of enlargement and gives a geopolitical meaning to the EU’s expansion. Therefore, he argues that the EU reform becomes more urgent and necessary, especially to ensure that future members do not enter a blocked system.

“We must use the time we have left in this legislature to try to start the reform now. And if we really don’t succeed, we must strive to make the 2024 European elections the democratic moment in which we debate how we want to reform the EU.

Gozi also highlights the issue of a Defense Union and the need for the EU to become more effective and operational in the utilisation of its military resources. He advocates for a European foreign policy and the development of a a common vision on major issues before discussing joint military efforts. He mentions that public opinion is favorable towards a European army and defense, and this should be capitalized on.

Regarding political alliances, Gozi rejects the idea of a coalition between Renew Europe and the right-wing parties. He emphasizes that Renew Europe is built on a convergence of various ideologies and is focused on a sovereign and democratic Europe. Gozi aims to build a majority alliance in 2024, involving Socialists and Democrats, Populars, Greens, and potentially even a part of the European extreme left (GUE). The aim is to overcome the traditional division between left and right and unite around a common project for Europe, focusing on sovereignty, democracy, European defence and transnational democracy through European political movements that we can vote for directly with transnational lists.

“We in Renew do not need a spokesperson. Our spokesperson is not Tajani, our leader is not Giorgia Meloni, nor Manfred Weber. Our leader is Emmanuel Macron and we say a loud and clear no to the possibility of an alliance with the right and the extreme right.

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