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What European and local initiatives to strengthen relations with Lebanon in a context of deep political crisis

Three weeks ago, MEP Christophe Grudler gave a lecture in Belfort on relations between the European Union and Lebanon. The main topic was about the European projects in Lebanon and how the local community can help these initiatives. According to Mr. Grudler, the combination between the European Union’s help and the local community’s support is crucial to understand and undertake new ways to help Lebanon out of this difficult situation.

During the debate, MEP Grudler, as Renew Europe’s permanent rapporteur with Lebanon, gave his feedback from his numerous missions since 2021. He has travelled to Lebanon multiple times since he got this new role and, he could collect all the comments and suggestions from the locals to bring them up to Brussels.

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The reason why this important discussion took place in Belfort is because there is a great community of Lebanese people in this town. As a matter of fact, the audience was composed by students, engineers and experts from Lebano.

In this interesting event, there were also the representatives of the town of Tripoli, Mr Bassem Bakhash, of the Association des Libanais à Belfort et ses Environs #ALBE, Mr Raed Kouta, President and Senior Lecturer HDR, and to the Mayor of Akkar Al Atika, Mr Mohamad Khalil, also University Professors, who enriched and contextualised the situation with their interventions.

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According to Grudler, “what we do is first and foremost for the Lebanese people, it is not for the elites, it is not for the ruling groups : restoring public services and fighting corruption are our top priorities.” This mission is even more important now that the present conditions in Lebanon are causing great concern due to the ongoing financial, social, economic, and political upheavals, alongside deteriorating institutions affected by corruption and inflation.
Therefore, Grudler is convinced that EU aid is crucial to support Lebanon in these difficulties.

Finally, this conference not only improved insight into European interventions in Lebanon but also emphasised the vital role of local efforts in empowering them to contribute to resolving the current crisis. Mixing these two aspects and ameliorating a concerted way to involve the local communities at a higher level in the delivery of help from the European Union are fundamental for its good outcome.

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