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We are currently recruiting a policy and communications intern.
The European Parliament's Committee on Petitions has received a significant number of petitions over the last ten years relating to cases of mismanagement of cross-border family disputes.
The European Democratic Party (PDE-EDP) organised in November the "XI Dialogues of Bilbao", in Bilbao.
Last Tuesday, members of the Special Committee on Terrorism (TERR) voted with a large majority on their report of findings and recommendations aiming to lower the terrorist threat in Europe. The next step is a Plenary vote in December.
Congratulations to our German members, Freie Wähler for their excellent results in Bavaria and their participation in the Bavarian Government with 3 Ministers.
On Thursday 25 and Friday 26 October, a high-level conference on the fight against terrorism and the role of the European Union in addressing this challenge was held in Metz with French MEP and Chair of the Special Commission on Terrorism Nathalie Griesbeck.
On Tuesday 23 October 2018, the European Parliament adopted a recast of the Directive on the quality of water intended for human consumption.
On Saturday the 6th of October, the initiative of European Democratic Party "Idee proeuropee" which aimed at creating a platform of ideas, proposals and projects capable of refounding the European Union was held in Rome.
New rules to strengthen the freezing and confiscation of criminal assets in the EU were adopted in plenary on Thursday by 531 votes to 51 with 26 abstentions and as well as a reform of Eurojust by 515 votes to 64 against with 26 abstentions.

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