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👋🏻 I'm Sandro Gozi, the Secretary General of the EDP.

● Change for Europe :
A genuine transnational democracy.

● Key achievements :
A more transparent and accountable political advertising in Europe.

Deputy Secretary General of EDP

From 2004 to 2010

Member of the European Parliament for France

Since 2020

Secretary General of EDP

Since 2021


The Democratic Movement (MoDem) is a center political party in France that emphasizes a strong pro-European position. It was established by François Bayrou following his notable performance in the 2007 presidential election. MoDem advocates for European integration and cooperation, supporting policies that strengthen France's ties with the European Union. Moreover, it focuses on democratic values and has a centrist ideology, positioning itself between the left and right-wing political spectrums.

In a European dimension, MoDem hold 5 seats in the European Parliament with MEP Sylvie Brunet, Christophe Grudler, Laurence Farreng, Max Orville and Marie-Pierre Vedrenne.

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