For a new Renew Europe network

Europe in view of the 2024 European elections.

During our party’s presidency meeting on Wednesday, EDP members entrusted our political leaders with an ambitious mandate to reinforce the central Renew political alliance in Europe. This alliance, made of Democrats, Liberals and Reformists forces, has played a key role in the EU since 2019 and must aim to enhance and strengthen the cooperation between all the central forces committed to a strong EU.

Europe is indeed once again at a crossroad and faces multiple challenges. The EU’s political landscape is fragmented and increasingly polarised: right-wing parties are progressively sliding towards authoritarianism and the traditional left is more fractured and extreme than ever. The rise of populism continues and threatens the very foundations of our democratic system. Key democratic principles such as the rule of law, political pluralism and media freedom are under attack everywhere in our Union. Against this backdrop, our political and transnational alliance can and must embody a new Europe. It must be an alliance that showcases a strong commitment to democracy and that goes beyond the traditional right and left divide.

This “Renew Europe network” must respect the political autonomy and diversity of the European political parties, be based on an equal footing and new working methods, that will ensure fruitful common collaboration between all members involved.It will rely on common political priorities in view of the next European elections agreed upon by its European Democratic Party, (EDP) Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) and other progressive and reformist members and it will be based on the common “Renew Europe” heritage and ownership that all such members share, avoiding any independent or unilateral initiative.

In order to strengthen this network, we must also attract new members. We are ready to engage discussions with all central political forces that share our ambition for a sovereign and democratic Europe. We, therefore, urge leaders of all central political parties to join us..

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