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Vision of agriculture

The main thing is strengthening and reforming the Common Agricultural Policy. Maintain the priority given to food self-sufficiency while promoting the emergence of an agriculture that respects the environment, cares about the quality, traceability and food safety of products and the carbon footprint capable of exporting without being subsidized for it.

The CAP must defend not only production, but also the territories threatened with abandonment and hydrogeological deterioration and the fabric of producers, viable family farms which our societies need to maintain their balance. It must allow agricultural production to be paid at a fair price, so that farmers can make a living from it without the need for external intervention by the public authorities. 

In any case, a more balanced distribution of this aid must be the rule. Maintaining a strong CAP must not be at the expense of development in the rest of the world.

Our commitments

Every day the PDE defends its ideas through various actions and makes its positions known. For example:

  • In the European Parliament:
    Ulrike Müller, Vice-President of the EDL, and Corina Cretu defend our ideas in the Agriculture Committee.
  • In our manifesto:
    We have been advocating these proposals for several years. They were already at the heart of our programme during the 2009 European Parliament election campaign.

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