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Europe in the spotlight in Brittany with Marie-Pierre Vedrenne

The 48 hours of Europe has been a successful event. Thanks to French MEP Marie-Pierre Vedrenne, the Château des Pères in Brittany was turned into a true European crossroads on November 16 and 17, 2023, for the fourth edition of the 48 Hours of Europe. What did it entail?

This program provided approximately 350 young people from the region of Bretagne with a unique platform for learning and exchange while showcasing the European Union. Education of young people about European politics is crucial, especially, in view of the next European elections: this is why, every year MEP Marie-Pierre Vedrenne organizes this fruitful event where hundreds of young people debate about Europe through talks and discussions.

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The main focus of the program was parliamentary simulations, which gave middle and high school pupils a close-up look at how European politics operate. The Breizh France Finistère group organized these simulations, which are intended to be entertaining and instructive, giving the young participants the opportunity to wear MEPs’ shoes and engage in debate and decision-making on contemporary European concerns. It’s easier to understand the EU when you face the European issues through the MEPs lens: in these 48 hours of Europe being a politician becomes a reality!

Many students enthusiastically praised the event’s structure and content, emphasizing how it made the complexities of politics more accessible and comprehensible. Engaging in committee work, negotiating, proposing amendments, and debating on personally significant issues inherently demanded more effort from the students, yet remarkably, it also made the experience more enjoyable.

For instance, the students were tasked with voting on three timely subjects: scarce raw materials, immigration, and the ban on glyphosate, sparking constructive and meaningful opinions.

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Accompanied by their teachers, the students’ positive response underscored their burgeoning interest in politics. Furthermore, the involvement of associations in the event further reflected the growing interest of young people in political affairs.

In conclusion, the 48 Hours of Europe event has proven to be a resounding success, thanks to the dedicated efforts of French MEP Marie-Pierre Vedrenne and the Breizh France Finistère group. This immersive program provided opportunities for learning, exchange, and engagement, effectively showcasing the workings of the European Union.

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