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Marie-Pierre Vedrenne: “The Qatargate feeds the “they’re all rotten” and the loss of influence of the European Parliament

Marie-Pierre Vedrenne, députée européenne française (MoDem), était l’invitée de Dimanche en Politique sur France 3 Grand Est ce dimanche 22 janvier.

Asked about the “Qatargate”, the alleged corruption case between the former vice-president of the European Parliament Eva Kaili and Qatar, Marie-Pierre Vedrenne expressed her anger:

There are two risks: the “they’re all rotten” and the loss of influence of the European Parliament. There are a few exceptions, and we must ensure that there are no more of these exceptions.

The MEP recalled in particular that the Parliament must submit to justice in all transparency and continue not to accept corruption in its ranks.

To go further in the fight against corruption, Marie-Pierre Vedrenne gave the example of the Haute Autorité pour la Transparence de la Vie Publique (HATVP) which exists in France and which also verifies that there has been no enrichment of elected officials during the exercise of their elective mandates: “It seems important to us to move forward on this issue of transparency. We are doing this educational work with our colleagues to move in this direction.

According to the MEP, this subject must be dealt with in a very educational way: “we must provide a framework and structure without going to extremes”.

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