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Sen 21 est un mouvement politique tchèque créé en 2017.

République Tchèque

Sen21, established in 2017, embodies the essence of the Senate as a collection of experienced, respected, and trustworthy personalities sharing the values and principles of liberal democracy. Originally formed to support independent Senate candidates, Sen21 subsequently expanded its ambitions to participate in various levels of elections, characterizing itself as a liberal, progressive, and pro-European movement, considerate of people and nature. Sen21's collaboration with Volt Czechia demonstrates an active engagement in shaping European politics, supporting the cultivation of liberal voices amidst predominantly conservative governance structures.

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👋🏻 I'm Lenka Helena Koenigsmark

Lenka Helena Koenigsmark is an authentic leader with extensive experience from the world of business, philanthropy and education, with the ambition to change the political culture in the République Tchèque. She possesses long career both in the commercial and non- profit sphere.

As a woman and mother of a disabled child, her topics cover the area of supporting informal carers and general education within the society. Empowering women through role model system and creating conditions for them to succeed both in professional and private lives. She is a keen ambassador of refugee integration, for which she created and runs a humanitarian center in Prague.


Lead Candidate for the European Parliament


Sen21 candidate for the Senate


Marketing manager and PR at Mattel


Marketing manager at Lego


Marketing advisor at Wella


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