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La Freie Wähler (Free Voters) party is a conservative, populist political party in Germany, particularly strong in the state of Bavaria, where it has participated in a coalition with the leading Christian Social Union. Originating as an umbrella organization of various Free Voters Associations, the party was historically associated with municipal issues but has increasingly developed a political profile in state politics, attracting center-right voters dissatisfied with the Christian Social Union. The party has gained parliamentary representation in the Rhineland Palatine and holds two seats in the European Parliament with MEP Engin Eroglu et Ulrike Müller, signifying its growing significance in the German party system.

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Christine Singer

👋🏻 I'm Christine Singer

Born 1965 in Weilheim “Landesbäuerin” of the Bavarian Farmers' Association for 25 years.
Food supply is a valuable commodity. Times of crisis show us how important self-sufficiency in food and energy is for us.

Relieve the burden on SMEs: Excessive bureaucracy paralyses and destroys SMEs. It hinders regional companies that are needed for a vibrant rural area.

Equal standards for EU imports: Trade agreements with third countries must comply with the EU's quality and process standards for ecological, social and economic reasons.

Strengthen security: Our common defence and security policy must be strong. Our cyber security must ensure greater resilience against cyber threats.


Lead candidate of the European Democratic Party


State farmer in the Bavarian Farmers' Association


District Councillor


Municipal Councillor


District farmer in the Garmisch-Partenkirchen district association


Local Farmer in Spatzenhause


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