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European Democrats at the Renew Europe Leaders’ Summit

The European Democratic Party (EDP), a European political party and member of the Renew Europe parliamentary group, gathered its leaders on Thursday 23 June in Brussels.

During the Leaders’ Summit organised by our parliamentary group Renew Europe, EDP leaders, Matteo RENZI – leader of Italia Viva, Andoni ORTUZAR – president of our Basque member Euzko Alderdi Jeltzalea, Engin EROGLU – vice-Chairman of our German member Freie Wähler and Sandro GOZI – EDP Secretary General, accompanied by EDP MEPs Nicola DANTI and Izaskun BILBAO BARANDICA, discussed the current pivotal issues within Europe to promote a coherent democratic vision for the future and deliver concrete solutions to the challenges ahead.

As part of the most pro-European alliance in EU politics, European Democrats believe that events prove us right: we need more Europe, not less to achieve our collective goals. And we want to go further.

Alongside the Renew Europe group, we agree to defend the forging of Europe as a geopolitical power, especially regarding the new international order caused by the Russian aggression in Ukraine; The acceleration of the European green agenda with the green and digital transitions; A concrete roadmap to European sovereignty with Europe’s energy autonomy and investment in Research and Innovation; The regeneration of our democratic system as Europe must become a transnational democracy with a European identity.

Sandro GOZI, Secretary General of the European Democrats, pointed out: “The Europe of 2030 will have to focus on shared sovereignty, recovery and democratic ownership.”

Sandro GOZI, Secretary General of the European Democrats, stressed, “The Europe of 2030 will have to focus on shared sovereignty, recovery and democratic reappropriation.”

Renew Europe Leaders' Summit - Brussels (BE) - 23 June 2022

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