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Sandro Gozi in Italian daily La Repubblica shares “pragmatic and successful” visit by European Democrats with American counterparts.

EDP Secretary General Sandro Gozi talks to major Italian daily La Repubblica about centrist party’s recent mission to the United States.

Gozi shares with La Repubblica reporter Paolo Mastrolilli about dialogue held with U.S. policymakers and leading political organisations on common political strategies and the aim to strengthen the “axis” between U.S. president Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron. Mr. Macron spearheads Renew Europe – a centrist-learning political group well placed in the European Parliament and includes the European Democratic Party.

Datelined in New York, the La Repubblica article leads with Gozi’s and his fellow EDP members’ vision to push for fewer ideological battles distant from everyday people and focus more on concrete initiatives to respond to their needs. Gozi told La Repubblica that the delegation made the trip to: “Discuss with the American Democrats to have more influence on global issues, which as a European party we cannot tackle alone. We cannot win the elections if we do not show that we have allies to advance solutions, on issues of climate, immigration, digital transformation and disinformation.”

The story delves also into the delegation meeting with New York Mayor Eric Adams, where the paper reports on his work to progressively addresses crucial issues that progressives have allowed Democrats to be overlooked by the right, such as security and immigration.

The paper quotes Gozi’s impressions of efforts done by the mayor of America’s largest city: “He managed to get elected by choosing security as a priority. He has not yet achieved all the desired results, but proposes pragmatic – not ideological – solutions. Progressives and democrats often insist on issues that are not at the centre of citizens’ daily concerns. It is proof that security is everyone’s issue, not just the right.”

For example, the reporter includes Gozi’s criticism of certain calls within the US. Democratic party United States to defund local law enforcement, which neither Biden nor Adams have joined. Gozi is quoted: “These are positions of the American Democratic left that are absolutely disconnected from the sentiment of most citizens. It is the tragic mistake of those who want to impose an ideological approach, and it is often the same mistake made by the Italian and European left.”

See the full article at the La Repubblica website (paywall).

The article also covers immigration, a highly charged political debate in the U.S.

The paper weaves into the article the example when Mayor Adams called a state of emergency in October because City of New York services were overwhelmed. Gozi is cited: “The difference between what happened here in New York, and in Europe between Italy and France, is that Adams had a real problem and faced it in a very pragmatic way, without denying the fundamental value of safe welcome, but calling their responsibilities to account and obtaining the cooperation of other federal political levels and the State of New York.

“That approach is exactly the opposite of what was done by the far right in government in Italy today. (Italian Prime Minister) Meloni absolutely did not solve the problem, deliberately used a scapegoat in the electoral campaign, created a case around 200 people, spoke to the belly of its voters, but has not found any solution that can only be European. Doing so instead encouraged the other partners as Adams did – in our case France, Germany and the EU – to isolate Italy.”

On abortion rights in the not-so New World

La Repubblica reporter also quoted Gozi on abortion, quoting Gozi saying : “During the meetings in Washington, there was much talk of abortion, not only because it is at risk on both sides of the Atlantic, but above all because “there is a reactionary tendency, in the US and in European countries, to limit social and civic gains obtained 50 years ago”.

Election results: Democrats restore winning mindset for 2024 U.S. presidential election

The article closes out with coverage on the U.S. mid-term election results, again quoting Gozi that the elections: “have restored to Democrats the awareness that they can win the presidential elections in 2024, because Trump has lost much of his influence, and the responses to inflation, unemployment, inequalities with the ‘Build Back Better’ programme have yielded results. “ 

Candidates with a centrist and pragmatic agenda have fared better, and this is also an indication with respect to the 2024 presidential elections”. Biden has managed to reconnect with the middle class and blue collars, who accuse the Democratic Party of having become elitist, and Macron’s upcoming state visit to Washington should help build a common agenda based on three points: “Protection and promotion of democracies against totalitarianism; climate; reorganization of European security architecture given the war in the Ukraine, because we find ourselves in a moment of history akin to Helsinki in 1976 or Berlin in 1989.”

Sandro Gozi returned Friday from a five-day mission in Washington and New York with a delegation of three fellow EDP members in the European parliament to relaunch the alliance between Democrats on both sides of the Atlantic.

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