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Îles Canaries

Îles Canaries

The Coalición Canaria (CC) is a significant political force in the Canary Islands, established in February 1993 from a coalition of five diverse Canarian parties, and formalized as a party in May 2005. Its political stance champions regionalism and Canarian nationalism, aligning itself with centrist and liberal ideologies. The CC has played a pivotal role in the governance of the Canary Islands, ruling uninterruptedly from 1993 to 2019 and regaining power in 2023 under Fernando Clavijo Batlle. Despite a brief period out of office, the CC's influence extends beyond the regional to the national level, often leveraging its parliamentary presence to negotiate benefits for the Canary Islands. The party is member of the European Democratic Party at the European level, showcasing its international connections and it will run for the European elections in 2024 with EAJ-PNV and Compromiso por Galicia.

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👋🏻 I'm Carlos Alonso

Carlos Alonso, former President of the Government of Tenerife, is renowned for his in-depth European education and his extensive political career on the island of Tenerife. With a Master's in European Studies from the College of Europe in Bruges and a notable record at the University of La Laguna , his academic credentials are solid. Carlos has held significant positions within the European Commission as official and within the Government of the Canary Islands, focusing particularly on the unique integration of the Canaries into the EU. He is considered an expert on community matters related to the region. His career spans roles that have deeply influenced both local economic, tourism, transport, telecommunication, innovation or agricultural policies, making him a key figure in shaping the island’s European trajectory.


Candidate for Coalicion Canaria in the European elections


Member of the Assembly and Spokesperson CC-PNC


President of the Council of Tenerife


Office Administrator of DG REGIO for the outermost regions


Project Manager within the Cabinet of the Presidency


Deputy Minister of Agriculture


General Director of Livestock


Director-General for European Affairs/Economic Affairs with the EU


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