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The Basque Nationalist Party (EAJ-PNV) was founded in 1895 by Sabino de Arana Goiri with a core focus on advocating political independence for the province of Biscay and preserving Basque traditional culture and language. The EAJ-PNV has evolved into a secular humanist democratic party today, it upholds a strong focus on language rights and has been actively involved in cultural and political movements in the Basque country.

In the 2019 Spanish general election, the EAJ-PNV secured approximately 1.57% of the total vote, indicating its presence in national politics. The party is member of the European Democratic Party at the European level, showcasing its international connections. In the European Parliament, it has one seat with MEP Izaskun Bilbao Barandica.

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👋🏻 I'm Oihane Agirregoitia

Responsible for

  • The Public Innovation and Good Governance strategies.
  • The Digital Strategy
  • The data management and Information Security and Data Protection policies
  • The Omnichannel citizen service policies of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia

I dedicated, as local elected woman, 12 years to the intense and passionate municipal life, being responsible for policies and strategies on health, equality betwen women and men, diversity management, youth and sport, municipal citizen attention, participation and open government, technological modernization, European fundraising (including NEXT GENERATION founds) and the international relationship of the city.


Lead Candidate
for the European Parliament


General Director of Good Governance,
Citizen Services and Digital Services


President of BilbaoTIK


Counsellor member of BilbaoTIK


Technician at Lantik S.A.


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