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Launch :
February 18th, Angers
Other events:
Krakow (Poland), Canary Islands (Spain), Brno (Czechia)

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Tackling the Covid-19 pandemic, the growing inequalities, the rise of populism, climate change, biodiversity loss, managing migration flows and an unprecedented technological revolution... Faced with today's global challenges, a strong, fair and committed Europe appears more necessary than ever.

Of course, the task may seem difficult, full of obstacles - both internal and external - as the European Union often appears weakened and threatened. Yet this Europe is already blooming locally, in our European territories, where innovative solutions are regularly found to meet environmental, social and cross-border challenges. Solutions that are fair, sustainable and resolutely forward-looking.

While the Conference on the Future of Europe is currently providing an opportunity for citizens from the 27 Member States to express what they expect from the European Union, the "Solutions for Europe" series of meetings will highlight the concrete solutions and ideas developed in our European territories to respond to today’s democratic, economic, social and educational challenges, and the way they could be deployed at the EU level.

Organised by the European Democratic Party, “Solutions for Europe” will be structured around a series of events in the local communities of its different member parties and will give the floor to a diversity of stakeholders (innovators, NGOs, local officials, business leaders, civil society).

EU European Union flags in front of European Comission building in Background. Brussles, Belgium

Interactive and participative, each event will present initiatives that already have a proven impact and could be developed on a larger scale or replicated in other European territories. These events will also be the opportunity to discuss how we can best respond to the challenges linked to four major pillars of our European societies:

01) Economy

Putting the economy back at the service of the common good and nature: circular economy, industrial ecology, agroecology: an overview of concrete initiatives

2) Democracy

Developing new models of governance to strengthen the democratic process at all levels: local, regional, national and European

3) Education

Aligning education with the challenges of a changing world

4) Social

Strengthening the European social cohesion and enabling every European citizen to enjoy a good quality life

a row of boats sitting on top of a river

The 1rst event takes place in Angers

On Friday 18th of February morning from 9:30 with a welcome coffee
To 1pm followed by a cocktail reception

40 participants present
A few hundred connected on the facebook live + youtube live

Videos of the events

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