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● Eine Veränderung für Europa:
Eine echte transnationale Demokratie.

● Wichtigste Errungenschaften :
Eine transparentere und verantwortungsvollere politische Werbung in Europa.

Website of the European Democrats - https://democrats.eu
Stellvertretender Generalsekretär der EDP

Von 2004 bis 2010

Mitglied des Europäischen Parlaments für Frankreich

Seit 2020

Generalsekretär der EDP

Seit 2021

Über mich

On the strength of having won the Belgian federal and regional elections with over 20% of the vote and having won a seat in the European Parliament in the triple election organised in Belgium on 9 June 2024, we would be honoured to draw together, with you, the outlines of a new ambition for a Europe that is progressive, humanist and close to its citizens.

We are aware of the values that guide your commitment and we are convinced that we can be an additional asset for the centrist political force that you have created and help you to strengthen the European Union. Indeed, it is only through the strength of our convictions and the rejection of the false dichotomy between left-wing and right-wing policies that we will be able to build a stronger, fairer, more sustainable, more humane and more democratic Europe.

A stronger Europe that defends our strategic autonomy in terms of energy, digital technology, industry, agriculture, health and defence to guarantee our security, our geopolitical power and our independence.

A fairer Europe, which protects and supports through upward social convergence, through support for all towards the world of work of tomorrow, through reciprocity clauses in trade agreements and through the fight against fraud, dumping and corruption.

A more sustainable Europe, which guarantees respect for environmental and social limits and supports the investment needed to ensure that everyone can make a success of the transition (infrastructure, industry and education). We want an ecological transition that is equal to the challenges, inclusive and pragmatic, far removed from any ideological dogmatism, and in no way punitive towards families or businesses. We are in favour of an ambitious and pragmatic ecology that combines ecology and the economy.

A more humane Europe, one that encourages the development of European citizens and gives due recognition to those who "care", teach or defend our culture. A Europe where differences are not just accepted but celebrated, and where human rights are seen as an unshakeable common ground.

A Europe that is more democratic and more effective, thanks to the introduction of the election of the President (of the Council and the Commission) by universal suffrage on lists common to all European countries, the introduction of a right of initiative for the European Parliament and the abolition of unanimous voting in the Council.

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Website of the European Democrats - https://democrats.eu

Ciaran Mullooly, neuer unabhängiger irischer Europaabgeordneter für die Europäische Demokratische Partei

The European Democratic Party is pleased to announce that it has received and accepted the application for individual membership of Irish MEP Ciaran Mullooly, elected in the Midlands-North-West constituency. Accordingly, the European Democratic Party has forwarded the documentation to the Renew Europe group for its membership, that was accepted today. With Mullooly’s membership, the EDP rises to 10 MEPs.

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Website of the European Democrats - https://democrats.eu

Engin Eroglu, gewählt zum stellvertretenden Vorstandsvorsitzenden von EDP

The European Democratic Party is pleased to announce that German Freie Wähler MEP Engin Eroglu has been elected executive vice-president.
“I am honoured to accept the nomination as Deputy Chairman of the European Democratic Party. I firmly believe in our centrist vision and am determined to advance the consolidation and revitalization efforts of recent years”, said Eroglu: “I will dedicate myself wholeheartedly to achieving our common goals and advancing the European Democratic Party. Together, we can create a strong, independent, and economically thriving European Union that provides security and prosperity for its citizens”.

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Website of the European Democrats - https://democrats.eu

Pressekonferenz: Das neue Parteimitglied Les Engagés tritt der EDP bei

Am Donnerstag, den 20. Juni, gaben Maxime PREVOT, Vorsitzender des Mouvement Les Engagés, und Yvan VEROUGSTRAETE, stellvertretender Vorsitzender und Mitglied des Europäischen Parlaments, auf einer Pressekonferenz im Europäischen Parlament in Anwesenheit von François BAYROU, Vorsitzender der PDE, und Sandro GOZI, Generalsekretär der Europäischen Partei, die Aufnahme des Mouvement Les Engagés in die Europäische Demokratische Partei bekannt.

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Website of the European Democrats - https://democrats.eu

Vorstellung des Manifests der EDP

On 14 May, the EDP with Narodna Stranka will present the EDP Manifesto in Zagreb, a wonderful opportunity to do understand the political situation in Croatia and to to talk about the political future for the Western Balkans.

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Website of the European Democrats - https://democrats.eu

Teodolinda 2024

On 11 May, the Teodolinda 2024 will take place in Abbiategrasso (MI), a wonderful opportunity to do Politics, to talk about Europe, Italy and Lombardy.

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