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● Un cambiamento per l'Europa:
Una vera democrazia transnazionale.

● Principali risultati:
Una pubblicità politica più trasparente e responsabile in Europa.

Website of the European Democrats - https://democrats.eu
Segretario generale aggiunto della EDP

Dal 2004 al 2010

Membro del Parlamento europeo per la Francia

Dal 2020

Secretary General of EDP

Dal 2021

Su di me

I am a 44-year-old engineer from Bilbao, a Basque speaker and a mother. I am passionate about Euskadi, its people and the values that identify us professionally, personally and, in short, as human beings.

I have 7 years of experience in the field of technology, in ICT and customer service. I have dedicated 12 years to the intense and passionate municipal life as a Councillor of Bilbao City Council, trying to contribute to everything that would improve public services, the quality of life of the people and the competitiveness of the city. I was responsible for health, equality, international relations and the management of European funds.

Later I moved to the Provincial Council of Bizkaia as Director General for Good Governance, Citizen Services and Digital Services

I like challenges, learning new things, meeting different people and working in a team. My musts are my family, my friends, sports and moments alone.

I would focus my mandate on digitalisation, re-industrialisation, competitiveness, reducing administrative burdens for agriculture and fisheries, unity in diversity, promoting minority languages... among others.

Notizie correlate

Website of the European Democrats - https://democrats.eu

Ciaran Mullooly, nuovo eurodeputato indipendente irlandese per il Partito Democratico Europeo

The European Democratic Party is pleased to announce that it has received and accepted the application for individual membership of Irish MEP Ciaran Mullooly, elected in the Midlands-North-West constituency. Accordingly, the European Democratic Party has forwarded the documentation to the Renew Europe group for its membership, that was accepted today. With Mullooly’s membership, the EDP rises to 10 MEPs.

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Website of the European Democrats - https://democrats.eu

Engin Eroglu, eletto come vice-presidente esecutivo di EDP

The European Democratic Party is pleased to announce that German Freie Wähler MEP Engin Eroglu has been elected executive vice-president.
“I am honoured to accept the nomination as Deputy Chairman of the European Democratic Party. I firmly believe in our centrist vision and am determined to advance the consolidation and revitalization efforts of recent years”, said Eroglu: “I will dedicate myself wholeheartedly to achieving our common goals and advancing the European Democratic Party. Together, we can create a strong, independent, and economically thriving European Union that provides security and prosperity for its citizens”.

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Website of the European Democrats - https://democrats.eu

Conferenza stampa: il nuovo membro Les Engagés si unisce al PDE

Giovedì 20 giugno, Maxime PREVOT, Presidente del Mouvement Les Engagés, e Yvan VEROUGSTRAETE, Vicepresidente ed Europarlamentare, hanno annunciato l'ingresso del Mouvement Les Engagés nel Partito Democratico Europeo in una conferenza stampa al Parlamento Europeo, alla presenza di François BAYROU, Presidente del PDE, e Sandro GOZI, Segretario Generale del Partito Europeo.

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Website of the European Democrats - https://democrats.eu

Teodolinda 2024

On 11 May, the Teodolinda 2024 will take place in Abbiategrasso (MI), a wonderful opportunity to do Politics, to talk about Europe, Italy and Lombardy.

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